Venus Flytrap ‘Big Mouth’


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Famed for its monstrous 5cm chunky traps that can be produced given optimum conditions ‘Big Mouth’ makes a lovely specimen plant. The traps are not only large but they have a fantastic deep red centre. It is an easy variety to look after with vigorous growth quickly clumping up. The traps are formed on short leaf stalks – very few tall traps are produced making a dense clump of the lovely red traps.

26 reviews for Venus Flytrap ‘Big Mouth’

  1. James

    Perfect! Beautiful plant, very healthy, and well protected for shipping.

  2. Mark buccilli Leeds (verified owner)

    Two specimens came in great healthy condition. love the protective pots so no damaged heads. Nice size. The heads opened next day so great sign. Came with other traps all in great condition.

  3. Sue

    A very healthy Big Mouth arrived in perfect condition along with the rest of my order. The packaging is excellent, no chance of damage in transit. Delighted with the plants and will be ordering from LS of H again.

  4. Sabrina hill

    Was worried they would damage in transit but I’d no need to, packed very well and am very happy.
    Thank you loads you made my sons Christmas!

  5. Marc

    Plants arrived in great condition as always. Some nice looking healthy and hungry traps ready to catch flies. Will be ordering again as you can’t fault them.

  6. Alex (verified owner)

    Fantastic service and quick delivery! He was beautifully contained in a box surrounded by large bubble wrap, a waterproof bag and a little plastic cup taped over top for protection. I couldn’t be more impressed with the two day wait, sat on my counter when I came home from work. He looks healthy and had a pin head sized spider companion I tested him out on! Will be buying more plants in the near future and have been reccomending to everyone!

  7. Fru

    Really well packaged, no damage on the plant at all, well prepared and absolutely amazingly fast shipped!!

    I love this plant and I will surely order again from here!

  8. Caroline

    Arrived today, packaged perfectly and in excellent condition.
    Ordered Venus… I named her the most unimaginitive name … to stop mum moaning about the flies.
    Apparently the movie has scarred me for life though, as you’ve never seen a more tentitive unboxing in history. Looking forward to watching her work her magic… 🙂

  9. Zoe

    Very happy with my venus fly trap. Packed well. Speedy delivery. Very helpful customer service. Will definitely be ordering again soon.

  10. Ebba

    It came faster than I excpected it to. Perfect quality. I am a very satisfied customer.

  11. Jay

    Order arrived very quickly. Very well packaged. Plant looks amazing.

  12. Caelem

    Just got my 2 plants today! Came very well packaged, one plant had 7 traps and the other 8! Beautiful plants, very happy with my purchase. Definitely recommend!

  13. Steve

    Very well protected, arrived in perfect condition. After two days in the house, one trap has made a capture. Great plant, I’m going to make future orders.

  14. Steve (verified owner)

    First time order, placed on Saturday, arrived on Tuesday. I ordered Big Mouth, and I can assure any buyer that it arrives very well packaged, it should not suffer any damage at all. The plant is a baby with around 7 to 8 traps of different sizes, the biggest on mine is 1 and a half to 2 centimetres, smallest are tiny and are millimetres in size. It is mine to nurture now, and I will do my utmost to see it thrive. No hesitation in recommending, you can tell they are very well cared for. I look forward to placing future orders. Many thanks.

  15. AnimalHeights

    Great service, I ordered one of these and not only did it come in perfect condition it came with another one in the same pot. The two plants are now growing in a good sized terrarium separately, they are growing very well. Another positive is that I ordered the plant midday on the Monday and it came early afternoon on the Tuesday. Great service will be buying from these guys again. Would recommend. Thankyou.

  16. Jane

    Would just like to say thank you for a fantastic product and service. My vft came next day which was great as my daughter was excited (she’s only 7) and its a lovely cluster all the traps look nice and healthy, we’ll just have to see how Snapper settles in.

  17. JSL

    Absolutely delighted with our Venus Flytrap Big Mouth from Little Shop of Horrors. The plant arrived very quickly, was really well packaged and is a great quality plant with lots of traps. Thanks very much. Would definitely recommend.

  18. Paul Stocking

    Looking forward to my two plants growing and thriving. Really well packaged and so helpful if you need to call about extra information needed.

  19. hk185116518 (verified owner)

    Excellent plant. There was even a small sundew growing next to it!

  20. Philippe Craike (verified owner)

    Great plant and great service! AAA+

  21. Duncan

    Got the plant in perfect condition. Shiping took almost a week because I ordered on a Thursday. The plant is quite small compared to any other of my venus fly traps but has about 6 big traps and lots of little ones. A very good plant.

  22. ECCW (verified owner)

    Order placed Sunday night, shipped Monday, arrived Tuesday. Carefully packaged, beautiful, healthy plant. All in all, brilliant service and obviously great passion! Many thanks to you over there in Devon! * * * * *

  23. Sam

    Had mine for a couple of months now, good grower with lovley big traps that colour up nicely in the light, whilst size wise it’s no B52 It’s colouring is far nicer would definitely recommend this one to anybody!

  24. Tom

    Had one of these for just over 2 years now, Vigorous growth, never seen it looking unhealthy, stayed the bright red and green colours all through the winter when it was out resting in the shed! Very healthy plant and i would definitely recommend this. (got about 10 new plants out of the one i got 2 years ago now, splitting it during the repotting!)

  25. DCL

    Made an appointment and visited the nursery as we don’t live far. Bought 3 "big Mouth" venus fly traps. Fantastic looking plants!!

    Now for those flies to meet their fate 🙂

  26. LJT (verified owner)

    lovely healthy plant, well packed and the care leaflet told me where I had gone wrong with Venus flytraps in the past, some traps were closed and digesting flies, fabulous to see the plant working

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