Venus Flytrap All Green form


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One of the most vigorous Dionaeas, this plant has an absence of red colouration, even if grown in high light levels. The resulting traps are a brilliant lime green/yellow colour which makes a really good contrast to the all red forms. Produces traps large enough to catch blue bottles and spiders. Easy to see the shadows of the prey caught in the traps. If you wish to try a Venus Flytrap in your outdoor bog garden this is probably the one. It is vigorous and keeps many of its traps over the winter.

10 reviews for Venus Flytrap All Green form

  1. Michael (verified owner)

    Very Well Packaged.
    Nice Healthy Plants
    Very Pleased Customer

  2. Mic (verified owner)

    Very Well Packaged Contents Was In Individual Sealed Bags Surrounded With A Decent Amount Of Bubble Wrap.. Fly Traps Are Healthy Very Green/Yellow Traps. This Will Be My 3rd Purchase Of Carnivorous Plants Very Pleased With All My Orders..

  3. Dave

    Certainly looks like it will be vigorous. Had divided a number of times. Arrived in good condition with the usual Southwest care and attention to packaging.

  4. kyla

    its really good and has helped me with some english work i had to do.

  5. Incognito

    I got my Venus yesterday morning and was very pleased with how well it was packed, it even came with a free fly! I was very surprised by the size of the traps, the shape of them was also interesting as the edge curved inwards slightly. A mush have for any CP collection!

  6. Sean Murray

    This is my second Venus flytrap purchased from this site and I am very pleased a again! What I’m reading about this green variety being more vigorous than other varieties might be true, as I actually received 3 or 4 plants clumped together in the pot – great value :). Very healthy plant, well packaged – I’m sure will be back for more plants to add to my collection too soon.

  7. Mr. Richard Baccarini (verified owner)

    Came well packaged, great plants, but i thought the total was a bit pricey for such small plants but in my opinion there worth every penny,i have researched these, and i hope that these plants bring many years of delight, i am going to try my best for caring for these plants, i don’t think people appreciate the true nature of plants, and i am really fascinated by plants, especially these Venus fly traps very unusual. I am going to give my mum one of these because during the summer there is loads of insects and flies near the rabbit hutch. So i think it’s my mum’s fly problem solved really, and they would have a field day there. Thanks for such lovely plants.

  8. Duncan

    This is an awesome plant. Has a brilliant colour and about 40 traps. The plant was in perfect condition when I got it.

  9. Tom

    Got this in a collection you’ve stopped doing now, i got it with the ‘south west giant’ venus fly trap and the ‘big mouth’ flytrap. the big mouth and the south west giant have been going for 2 years now surviving some harsh winters and maybe a little to long in some too small pots (Ive got about 10 new plants out of the originals!), but the all green form perished about 2 months or so after i got it. Don’t know why, maybe i just got a straggler (wasn’t that fond of the colour either). Or it might’ve been the fact that what im thinking must’ve been an airborn sundew seed while potting, managed to plant itself in along with the flytrap, so when the all green form died, i got a free sundew! Same as the others its been going strong for 2 years!

  10. sam

    i thought it was brilliant, not too keen on the color though

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