Carnivorous plants naturally come from nutrient free soils that are generally acidic- It is the reason they have become carnivorous in the first place.

It is important to use a compost mix that has been formulated for carnivorous plants and has no lime or fertiliser added*.

The compost we sell is the same as used on the nursery and consists of the following materials:

  1.     Peat – we use Klansmann fine grade Irish moss peat pH 3.5-4.0, 1-10mm particle size and salt level >0.2g/litre. It is important to use moss peat and not sedge or ‘dark’ peat as this does not have a similar pH and properties. Also see our Environmental page.
  2.     Sand – Cornish washed granite sand (coarse grade) is an excellent lime free sand to add weight and structure to the compost.
  3.     Perlite – Horticultural medium grade perlite (1.0-5.0mm) helps the compost hold its structure and increases aeration.
  4.     Orchid Bark -we add fine grade orchid bark to Monkey Cup (Nepenthes) compost to provide a light, open compost.
  5.     Supersphag – we are using more and more of this on the nursery. The results either using it as a stand alone compost or as an ingredient in a mix have been excellent.

Over the years we have formulated the best mix for the plants we grow and know you will get good results with our compost.

* our new Compost Plus range does contain small amounts of fertiliser.

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Showing all 4 results