Venus Flytrap ‘Pink Venus’


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This is our favourite of all the red forms of Dionaea muscipula with soft pinky red colouration. Produces good sized traps on upright leaves in spring and early summer. Ground hugging leaves later on. Can easily be distinguished from other red forms such as ‘Royal’ Red and ‘Akai Ryu’.

3 reviews for Venus Flytrap ‘Pink Venus’

  1. Vladimir Milojkovity

    I am very pleased for the opportunity to have this plant. It makes excellent contrast with my lime-green one and big mouth. Healthy plant, excellent delivery and packing. 🙂

  2. Marc

    Plant arrived with approximately 3 well established traps and a couple of new growths. Looking forward to the plant getting some good colour in the sun. Can’t fault the service.

  3. gary crawford

    very nice plant amazing packing very happy

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