Venus Flytrap ‘South West Giant’


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Along with ‘B52’ Dionaea, the Venus Flytrap ‘South West Giant’ rates as one on the largest of the Venus Fly Trap cultivars. The traps reach 5-6cm and and the plant can reach 30cm diameter in optimum growing conditions. In the summer, the giant traps are produced on long petioles really showing off the size of the plant as a whole. All our ‘South West Giants’ have been propagated by division from our original plant way back in the Eighties. The plants are a good size and should be at wasp eating size by late summer.

11 reviews for Venus Flytrap ‘South West Giant’

  1. Kar (verified owner)

    I grow this Dionaea on a sunny windowsill during the growing season but place it in an unheated porch during the dormancy period.
    It produces huge traps of which are large enough to catch queen wasps (caught quite a few this year) and if you’ve ever seen the size of the queen wasp you will know how big the traps have to be to trap them.
    Great plant for any collection.

  2. Billy

    Plant had spider mites. Sent an email with photo evidence and retailer called me a liar.

  3. Mark w

    I bought this plant over 10 years, fantastic plant grows really big and still growing strong

  4. K.P (verified owner)

    Plant had 5 large traps and upon closer inspection of the sphagnum moss I discovered a drosera rotundifolia seedling with 3 tiny leaves, a plant I had been trying to purchase all year but nobody had any in stock so overall a fantastic looking plant that will fit in well with the rest of my carnivourous collection.
    Thanks again go to little shop of horrors for another well grown plant

  5. Hunter coomber

    Excelent service, brought this one and b52, came the next day, very well packed, both plants in really good condition, had them a couple of weeks now and they have grown so much, catching everything in there path! Now to get some more! Really pleased, thank you!

  6. AFC

    The plant arrived really quick, very well packaged and had huge traps already.

  7. Eddie Harte

    Great plant,very healthy looking.Well packaged and arrived just 2 days after it was ordered.on closer inspection there was 2 plants in 1 pot.Very well pleased.

  8. David (verified owner)

    Great plant (Southwest Giant) very quickly sent and packed so well there was no disturbance during transit and arrived in perfect condition!
    Thanks for the great service.

  9. Splatmouse

    My plant is very young, a week old, and twice now I have found dead bugs and tried to feed my fly trap with it, and 2/3 times it has not closed on the bug. Why i am worried is because when it arrived, it was upside down and ate its own soil. A couple of arts died, but most of it was alive. Could it be that this has something to do with it not eating?

  10. Tom

    AMAZING PLANT! end of. Vigorous growth getting numerous new plants out of the one i got originally 2 years ago, have to be a bit careful through the winter with it though.

  11. Lee G

    After only a few weeks of plant being posted it has doubled in size,I was sceptical about them even being able to catching a fly but seeing is believing. For first time buyer this is the one to own.

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