Sarracenia flava (Yellow Trumpet)

The Yellow Trumpet or Sarracenia flava is one of the hardiest and most majestic of the North American Pitcher Plants. The traps can reach over 1m high and in a sheltered sunny spot will make a stunning architectural display. Trap colour varies from an intense lime green through a citrus yellow with deep red veins/blotches to completely all red – a rich deep colour.

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Sarracenia Flava (Yellow Trumpet Pitcher)

The flowers are one of the earliest to appear – large, yellow and very beautiful. They are scented – some people smell a sharp citrus, for others its tom cats! but it doesn’t last long. There are many forms and cultivars, some such as those selected by Adrian Slack (S. flava cv Maxima and S. ‘Red Burgundy’) are very sought after. Sarracenia flava is available in our hardy collections and is the parent of many hardy hybrids.