Venus Flytrap/Sundew Compost

Guide for Carnivorous Plant Compost

Carnivorous plants cannot stand ‘normal’ potting soil. Normal potting soil often contains nutrients and other substances for flowers and plants. Carnivorous plants – through roots – extract nutrients from the soil, which the plants then supplement with nutrients from captured prey, such as mosquitoes, (fruit) flies and other insects. Because carnivorous plants have never learned to separate substances properly, they absorb whatever is in the soil. If there are other substances in the potting soil than the carnivorous plant is used to, this can have negative long-term consequences. Our Carnivorous Plant compost has been developed with care and contains nutrients that are specially suitable for carnivorous plants.

The Carnivorous Plant compost we sell is the same as used on the nursery and consists of the following materials:

  • Peat – we use Klansmann fine grade Irish moss peat pH 3.5-4.0, 1-10mm particle size and salt level >0.2g/litre.
  • It is important to use moss peat and not sedge or ‘dark’ peat as this does not have a similar pH and properties. Also see our Environmental page.
  • Sand – Cornish washed granite sand (coarse grade) is an excellent lime free sand to add weight and structure to the compost.
  • Perlite – Horticultural medium grade perlite (1.0-5.0mm) helps the compost hold its structure and increases aeration.
  • Orchid Bark -we add fine grade orchid bark to Monkey Cup (Nepenthes) compost to provide a light, open compost.
  • Dried Sphagnum moss – we are using more and more of this on the nursery. The results either using it as a stand alone compost or as an ingredient in a mix have been excellent.

Over the years we have formulated the best mix for the plants we grow and know you will get good results with our compost.

Peat-Free Carnivorous Plant Compost

As the UK will ban peat as from 2024 for consumers and from 2028 for nurseries, we are already preparing for this important and sustainable transistion.

The Peat-Free compost options contain a natural peat alternative with a pH of approximately 5, which is perfectly suited to grow Carnivorous Plants. Our peat-free compost is a mix of recycled peat, forest by-products and coir fibres, approved by Soil Association. It is a sustainable alternative for standard peat as it protects peat bogs which are home to many rare animals and plants.

Standard Carnivorous Plant Compost options

Peat-Free Venus Flytrap and Sundew Compost

Peat-Free Carnivorous Plant Compost options

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