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Crowdfunding Project ‘Expansion’

Since we took over South West Carnivorous Plants in 2021, we learned that to be able to provide our customers with the plants they love..

Propagation Time

From February till approximately June we are working on propagating our stock. This is a period where a part of our stock is not available..


Heliamphora, commonly called Sun or Marsh Pitchers, is a carnivorous plant that catches insects with its unique pitchers. The sun pitcher plants are mainly found in Brazil and Venezuela. The plant catches insects to compensate for the nutrient-poor soil it grows on. The tiny bud at the top of the plant contains the nectar glands, […]

Guide to Water for Carnivorous Plants

Why rainwater? Carnivorous plants naturally grow in poor acidic conditions and they are very sensitive to the water they grow in. Hard water, or water containing a large quantity of dissolved salts and minerals such s magnesium and calcium does them no good at all. As they are standing in the water the concentrations can […]

Growing Carnivorous Plants outside

Carnivorous plants are found all over the world in many different climates, and some will grow very well outside in the UK. If you just want to keep them outside in the summer, or can give a little protection with a cloche or cold frame, then most Trumpet Pitchers, Venus Flytraps and many Sundews will […]

Nepenthes (Tropical Pitcher Plant)

Nepenthes, Monkey Cups, or Tropical Pitcher plants are impressive plants needing humidity and warmth. They can be divided into two main groups – highland plants and lowland plants, but there is some cross-over where you find the intermediate ones. They produce two types of traps – lower traps formed on lower growth and upper pitchers […]

Pests & Diseases

Carnivorous Plants may eat insects, but there are still a few that can get their own back! There are biological and organic controls that can be used, but it is alright to use any spray recommended for plant use. Just follow the instructions, and only spray in early morning or the evening. Aphids (Greenfly)Can do […]

Bladderwort (Utricularia)

Utricularia or Bladderworts are found all over the world and can be divided into three types: 1. Terrestrial (U. sandersonii, U. bisquamata) Terrestrials are best grown in water trays, pots, and saucers. However, they are also very good at colonising if you wish to plant several plants in one container. Grow in a frost-free greenhouse […]

Butterworts (Pinguicula)

Pinguicula or Butterworts can be split into three major care groups: Mexican / Tropical Butterworts, North American Butterworts and European Butterworts. None of the Butterworts like full sun, but they don’t mind it bright. The Mexican species and hybrids (Pinguicula x wesser, Pinguicula laueana)make excellent house plants for a north or east facing windowsill, or in the greenhouse […]

Cobra Lily (Darlingtonia)

Darlingtonia Californica is an easy and rewarding plant to grow but will struggle if it is not in the right place. Grow in pots (preferably brown or white rather than black to prevent too much root warming) in water trays or saucers in a cold greenhouse or outside. Darlingtonia does not like having its root […]

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