About us

New owners
Since the 1st of November 2022 we, Marit Bakker and Simon Hamming, took over the business from Jenny and Alistair Pearce and as we speak we are working on relocating the nursery to East Devon in February 2022 at the latest. Soon we’ll share more information about ourselves and this exciting new venture, while Alistair and Jenny will support and share as much as possible of their knowledge and experience with us in the coming year(s).

About the Nursery
The nursery is situated on the seaside of East Devon. We have a small nursery,  just growing carnivorous plants which thrive on the many insects that feed and pollinate them – the surrounding farmland provides a constant supply! We only grow plants that need no extra heat over winter, just the protection of some fleece in the coldest periods. We propagate all of our own plants  – particularly Venus Flytraps and Pitcher Plants. Some plants will not be available until late spring after  the propagating season.

History of South West Carnivorous Plants
South West Carnivorous Plants was started by Alistair and Jenny Pearce, both trained in horticulture, over 35 years ago. Over the years Alistair and Jenny have won many awards for their carnivorous plant displays including seven Chelsea Gold Medals, Best in Show at Malvern Spring Flower Show and Most innovative Display award at Hampton Court Flower Show. They have supplied plants for gardens around the country such as RHS Garden at Wisley, Glasgow Botanic Gardens, Cambridge Botanic Gardens and Down House, the home of Charles Darwin as well as many Universities and schools for teaching purposes.

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