Venus Flytrap ‘Big Dracula’


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With its red-lined lobes edged with vampire-like fangs, Venus Flytrap ‘Big Dracula’ is well-named! Venus flytrap (Dionaea muscipula) is a fascinating carnivorous plant that’s surprisingly easy to grow. This little horror catches flies and other insects within traps formed by modified leaves. When an insect rests on the trap, sensory hairs pick up the movement and trigger the two lobes to snap shut on the prey.

Your Venus Flytrap will thrive outdoors or inside on a sunny windowsill. Plant in nutrient-poor soil; keep it moist but not soggy, and do not fertilise it. Don’t water it with tap water- use pure rainwater or distilled water. Flytraps go dormant over the winter and grow again in spring.


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