Trumpet Pitchers

Trumpet Pitchers or North American Pitcher Plants (Latin name Sarracenia) are probably the easiest of all carnivorous plants to grow, with the largest appetite for houseflies bluebottles and wasps. There are eight species with many sub-species and variations. All these will hybridise with each other so the variety in trap and flower shape, size and colour is huge.

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Showing 1–12 of 46 results

Trumpet Pitchers (Sarracenias)

The traps (which are the modified leaves) range from over 1.0m tall to short traps only 10-15cm high. Nectar around the top of the trap attracts the flies, which eventually lose their footing on the waxy surface and slide down into the pitcher.

Trumpet Pitchers (Sarracenias) are best grown in full sun. This can be a sunny windowsill, conservatory or outdoors in a bog garden or pot. They are great for an environmentally friendly way to control flies in the house, and occasionally eat slugs outside!

Trumpet Pitchers have magnificent flowers in early spring, and even attractive seed heads that carry on until the end of the season. Both seed heads and pitchers are prized by floral arrangers and are available on the site in season.
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