Sundew Complete Collection (6 plants)

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This sundew collection contains 6 lovely sundew varieties:
  • Drosera capensis
  • Drosera capensis alba
  • Drosera capensis broad leaf
  • Drosera madagascariensis – scorpio formed, shaggy leaves.
  • Drosera aliciae  – sundew with nice rosette formed leaves.
  • Drosera paradoxa – a sundew with several tiny leaves.
Drosera varieties in collection may vary, depending on stock availability.

1 review for Sundew Complete Collection (6 plants)

  1. David Hudson (verified owner)

    What a brilliant collection….all came well established…and packaged in a near bullet proof packaging…took a bit of steady unwrapping….got the deionised water out of the garage…used the packaging to make 4 trays…and away we went…cant recommend enough

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