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Three plants to get you started. Contains 1 Dionaea muscipula (Venus Flytrap), 1 Drosera Capensis (Cape Sundew), 1 Sarracenia hybrid (Trumpet Pitcher) Suitable plants may be substituted if necessary. All plants like full sun and water with rainwater. Stand pots in tray of water 2-3 cm deep. Keep slightly damp and cooler in winter. Never use fertilizer.

The Starter Collection contains:

  • 1x Venus Flytrap standard size
  • 1x Sarracenia standard size
  • 1x Drosera standard size


  • 1x pot Silky White 9cm.
  • 1x pot Sorbet Pink 9cm.
  • 1x pot Deep Blue 9cm.

19 reviews for Starter Collection

  1. lshorrors


  2. Leah (verified owner)

    I purchased this collection for my small greenhouse a few weeks ago; after having far too many flies and a wasp move into it. I didn’t expect a bunch of plants to do much, but I was hoping something would happen and it did, everything disappeared within a few days. Of course, I just thought maybe they had finally found their way out of the greenhouse, but on closer inspection of the trumpet pitcher most of the pitchers were full with flies and one even had the wasp. I’m just in awe of these plants and will definitely recommend them to anyone with a fly problem in their greenhouse, or home.

  3. Chloe (verified owner)

    Plants all arrived in excellent health. Good beginner selection. Very well packaged. Very happy, will definitely order from here again.

  4. Ange (verified owner)

    Bought these in 2017 and all are still going strong, even with us repotting them. The pitcher is something fierce, last summer a wasp wandered too deep and didn’t get out. Arrived very healthy and they are so good to look at when doing the dishes in the kitchen. Back now to add to the collection!

  5. Tom Hingley

    Plants arrived amazingly packaged and are doing great. My only issue is I haven’t yet quite been able to identify what type of Trumpet Pitcher was included. The hood is quite tight to the trumpet, tighter than most of the pictures you see online – still a really healthy and good looking plant though. The sundew is doing ridiculously well. Catching multiple tiny flies a day, and covered with dewy droplets.

  6. Helen Lack (verified owner)

    Just received my order, plants are really healthy and the packaging was amazing! Well done guys and thank you

  7. tom yabsley (verified owner)

    These plants have arrived within a few days of ordering. They are much bigger and better than I could have ever hoped for. The company were a pleasure to deal with. My wife absolutely loves her anniversary gift. Thank you

  8. James (verified owner)

    The plants arrived in perfect condition, very healthy and beautifully packed. The delivery was fast – inside 48 hours of ordering – and the accompanying sheets giving instructions for care were an unexpected bonus. Highly recommended.

  9. Bettina (verified owner)

    They arrived just within a week. Like others I expected tiny plants that looked in need of some tlc after their journey. But all 3 look really healthy, lots of leaves, and they are much bigger than anything I’d seen in garden centres recently. Excellent value for money! It was also useful to get printouts of their care sheets. So I’m very pleased and would definitely recommend this company.

  10. Darren (verified owner)

    Arrived today and am super impressed. Packaged ultra securely and the plants are in superb condition.
    All 3 are more grown than I expected which was a lovely surprise.
    Could not recommend highly enough!

  11. Mark

    I have had these for nearly a year and they have grown really well all now need repotting / dividing. The sundew has very visibly caught loads of bugs. Well packaged on arrival. Venus flytrap flowered and I now have some seeds to try. Sundew flowered yet to check seeds. Overall couldn’t be happier. A great starter set. Thanks.

  12. Jim Fortis

    Arrived today, very well packed. Was expecting 3 small plants very pleased with what has arrived. The VFT is a lot bigger than I have seen in local stores,the pitchers on the pitcher plant are nearly 6" tall, I have no idea how big the sundew will grow but I looks healthy. Will be ordering more plants from these guys in the new year.

  13. Phil

    Extremely pleased with the plants I received today. All 3 are of a good size, and were well packaged. Already "put them to work" in our new conservatory. Thank you.

  14. Paul

    Very impressed with plants. They came well packaged and in good condition and now are growing well. I might even increase my collection. Would definitely buy from Little Shop of Horrors again

  15. D. Baker

    So impressed! I thought that I would receive 3 tiny plants that I would have to spend time to nurture. The Sundew is beautiful, The Venus Trap has already eaten a spider ( I can see his legs sticking out!), the Pitcher has 2 strong leaves already and at least another 2 on the way. I’ll have to wait for a while before they start feeding. But that’s part of the pleasure of it all! Packaged really well, fast delivery. I have a feeling that I have just discovered a new hobby! Thank you so much to all the gang at "Horrors".

  16. Chris

    Just arrived. Very well packaged. The plants look strong and healthy. Good accompanying notes. Really pleased with them.

  17. Andy

    Received today, well packaged and swift delivery! Very pleased with the three plants, placed in greenhouse where there are lots of flies and already their numbers are diminishing, well, down by 2 – one on the sundew and one caught by the vft. Very happy indeed. I am sure I will be back for more soon! Thank you!

  18. Maria

    Just received starter collection. Speedy delivery and was very impressed with the careful packaging of the plants which arrived in excellent condition. I swear they’ve grown since yesterday!!

  19. William (verified owner)

    A great we set. Arrived in perfect condition and well protected. Not sure who was more excited and opening the package the kids or myself.

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