Drosera binata var. dichotoma


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Drosera dichotoma is also known as Drosera binata. These long, branched tentacles form a deadly web of sticky glue. One of the largest forked-leaf sundews, this form remains fairly upright so whilst they can get to a good size, D. dichotoma doesn’t sprawl too much. Excellent for daddy long legs and houseflies. Sunny position.

Drosera binata thrives primarily in sandy marshes located in southern and eastern Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand. The species exhibits various forms, with the single-forked leaf forms being the most widespread, while the multiforked forms are limited to eastern Australia north of Sydney. In cooler locations, the plants tend to be smaller compared to the relatively larger ones found in the warmer regions of its habitat. The diminutive forms of Drosera binata are well-suited for terrarium cultivation.

Successfully maintaining this species can be challenging unless one considers the climates in which they naturally occur. All forms of Drosera binata undergo a period of dormancy. As warm temperate plants, they enter a dormant phase either seasonally under natural light or occasionally under artificial light. During dormancy, the plants cease the production of new leaves and essentially die back to the ground.

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  1. Hugo

    amazing plant with huge leaves and fast growing all my plants from hear are incredible I strongly recommend

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