Drosera capensis – Cape Sundew


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The easiest of all the Sundews to grow, and also one of the most spectacular with its mobile leaves that roll up over the victim. Long lasting pink flowers stand above a clump of glistening green leaves with red gland stalks. Really pretty when the sun shines on the dew. Originating from South Africa, Drosera capensis will do well on a sunny windowsill, conservatory or cold greenhouse.  It is very good at catching smaller flies such as midges and mosquitoes, up to small houseflies. Can be grown outside in summer.

20 reviews for Drosera capensis – Cape Sundew

  1. Keiron

    I received my plant this morning, perfectly packaged and a very healthy plant. The delivery was also very quick with no issues. Cannot fault the company at all. As another customer mentioned, the only issue I have now is I want to purchase more! A++

  2. Matthew (verified owner)

    Excellently well packaged and very healthy. Delivered very quickly after order.

  3. T0M

    I received one of these plants today it came with a plastic tumbler, I assume that is for humidity.
    How should I care for it now that I have it home ?

  4. Avril (verified owner)

    Just had delivery of my 2nd lot of plants from this Company and all i can say is how efficient they are, how good their customer service is and how good and well packaged their plants are. I can fault them in any way apart from they have too many to choose from and I could spend a fortune !! Great company all round.

  5. John Doherty (verified owner)

    I received two of these this morning and am very happy with my purchase. As other customers have stated, they arrived impeccably packaged and within 3 working days. Both plants are extremely healthy and well fed. I will recommend to all my friends!

  6. Nathan (verified owner)

    Stunning little plant!!! Arrived very quick along with my Red Piranha Venus. The plant looks great with the sun glistening of the “dew” and was in perfect condition. 5 stars for everything!!

  7. Dr Gyan Fernando

    The plant arrived two days ago and I was very impressed with the packing! Everything was intact, the plant had been well-watered before dispatch and the compost was intact. It appeared to be an established plant judging by the moss covered surface of the compost. I have kept it on a sunny windowsill in a shallow saucer of rainwater. Highly recommended!

  8. Jason

    The plant arrived promptly and very well wrapped. The leaves were protected by a clear plastic cover and the plant was well wrapped in bubble wrap in a strong box.

    The plant itself is extremely healthy and already catching flies. 😀

  9. Eddie

    Lovely plant well packaged and healthy.prompt delivery and a closer look revealed 2 plants in 1 pot.1 well pleased customer.

  10. Marc

    Plant was received in excellent condition and very quickly. I even had a tiny flytrap start growing in the same pot so two plants for the price of one. Brilliant service, highly recommended!

  11. lisa

    Arrived quickly (though the courier left it a few doors away, so took me a day to find it!) & well packaged. The wee thing opened up and started ‘blooming’ quite quickly. She’s making a meal of the fruit flies in my kitchen, and appears to be happily growing away. It’s an absolutely lovely plant to look at.

  12. Χάρων

    Μου άρεσε πολύ το προϊόν … μυρωδιά της είναι τόσο γλυκιά!

  13. Andy .

    Amazing service, and the plants are great. Thank you.

  14. Lisa

    WOW… What a beautiful little plant with delightful tiny pink flowers. Ideal for any window ledge… Liked it so much I have just bought another one and ordered my neighbour one too.. It also had a tiny fly trap within, so I was extra lucky with this plant.

  15. Bernie

    Plants arrived extremely quickly, with very effective packaging to protect them in transit. They look very healthy and have started into growth immediately. Top marks!

  16. Jamie

    A lot of plants. Very healthy, fast delivery. Great safe packaging. One word: Brilliant!

  17. Thomas

    Reaally great plant, received in excellent condition and in good delivery time

  18. Roman (verified owner)

    Hello everybody,
    such a nice plant, but very good predator too. Everything on her land is doomed.
    Servis? Absolutly great!!

  19. Tom

    Healthy strong plant, actually got this one from a venus flytrap! The venus flytrap died and shortly after this little thing started to grow, must’ve been an airborn seed during the potting of the flytrap is my best guess, (so actually got this one for free!!!) I don’t see many that catch flies and unravell though, mostly they are very good at catching flies by themselves, but will die after they’ve rolled’em up, (also ive noticed as time goes by, it starts to rise out of its pot). so unless you cut them off quick it can look a bit ugly at times, so 3 stars on appearance, and 4 on the plant.

  20. LJT (verified owner)

    beautiful, healthy plant, prompt delivery,excellent packaging, professional care sheet

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