Cephalotus follicularis


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This is a unique plant only found growing along a small stretch of coast in Western Australia. This fascinating plant produces two types of leaf – a spring non carnivorous leaf and a carnivorous summer leaf which is the purposeful looking trap that resembles a boxing glove. Look closely and you can see the vicious looking teeth. In fact it doesn’t catch a huge amount but is a lovely plant to have in your collection. It doesn’t need any special conditions, just a bright windowsill but can be a bit tricky so do look at the care instructions.

1 review for Cephalotus follicularis

  1. Ali (verified owner)

    Super cute little plant!! I bought one from here back in the spring when they first came on the site and have managed to keep it alive so far. It’s definitely one of my favourite plants so hoping I can continue to help it thrive throughout the winter 🙂

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