Venus Flytrap – Dionaea muscipula


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The Venus Flytrap – Dionaea muscipula – is very variable but generally has green traps with red inside the trap from a slight blush to a deep red. Traps are produced during the growing season with taller more upright traps growing in the summer. Trap size does vary from 1-4 cm.

The captivating Venus Flytrap is a marvel of nature that adds a touch of intrigue to any plant collection. This extraordinary carnivorous plant is not your typical flora—it’s a botanical predator that lures and captures its prey with mesmerizing traps.

Imagine owning a piece of the wild right in your own home. The Venus Flytrap’s distinctive appearance, with its toothed, jaw-like leaves, is a conversation starter. Its vibrant green color and intricate traps make it a unique and fascinating addition to your indoor garden.

Care for this carnivorous companion is surprisingly simple. Place it in a sunny spot, and watch as it thrives on a diet of insects. Dionaea muscipula is a self-sufficient wonder, showcasing nature’s ingenuity in a compact package. No green thumb required—just rainwater, sun and a sense of wonder and appreciation for the extraordinary.

The Venus Flytrap is not just a plant; it’s a living spectacle that will capture your imagination and keep you entranced by the wonders of the botanical kingdom. Welcome the wild into your home and let the Venus Flytrap be the star of your botanical collection.


  • Elho Pot 9 cm., 11 cm. or 14 cm. in deep blue, silky white, delicate pink or soft green (if you have a preference for a  specific pot colour, please add a comment with your preferred colour in the checkout area).

16 reviews for Venus Flytrap – Dionaea muscipula

  1. th3lotus (verified owner)

    I accidentally ordered mine while south west was moving but was understandable
    Plant arrived in excellent condition traps looked amazing.
    I’m really pleased and will definitely be buying more
    Thank you for my little chomp


    Came within 2 days of ordering, plant was in great shape and was protected very well.

  3. Garfield

    Absolutely class 10/10 would buy again apart from the fact it swallowed the wedding ring when it bit off my wife’s finger

  4. Tink (verified owner)

    Quick delivery! I ordered on Sunday and it arrived by Wednesday. It was packed really well and came with a free huge fly. I’ve named my plant Audrey 2, seeing as my obsession started with the movie namesake. I want more already!

  5. Gaby

    It came in excellent health and very few of the traps had been set off. It came very quickly – ordered Sunday arrived Wednesday! It caught a fly twenty minutes after I unpacked it! Very well packaged thank you!!

  6. Gaby

    My Venus fly trap came today and In excellent health! Some of the traps had been set off but I am not sure that matters. It caught a fly about twenty minutes after I unpacked it! Plant came quite quickly – ordered Sunday arrived Wednesday. It would of come quicker if it wasn’t a bank holiday on the Monday!

  7. Elizabeth

    I have bought 6 venus fly traps so far from Little Shop Of Horrors all of my plants arrived healthy ,well packed and fast delivery ☺️ they are thriving. I ordered one from another online store and it was in such bad condition I will only use this company in future. They also are happy to give you advice on your plants the lady I spoke to was very helpful. Would recommend 100%.

  8. Doug

    Ordered late Friday night, arrived in perfect condition on Tuesday morning. Plant came in its own well watered little greenhouse, with well established traps and lots of new ones coming up. Really happy with this purchase and will definitely be back for more.

  9. thomas rice

    i ordered one of these and a white jaws on the 23rd june delivered on the 27th june well packaged and two beautiful plants at a very reasonable price,i will be buying more from here an excellent service.

  10. Marc

    I ordered x2 of these plants and both arrived in excellent condition with vibrant, healthy and good sized traps. They are well potted and none of the traps had been triggered during delivery, not that it would be an issue if they had. I have since ordered another 3 plants from here, all VFT but different varieties and look forward to their arrival. Would highly recommend.

  11. Steff

    My B52s arrived today. Packed really well no damage at all to them. Bigger than I expected. They have quite big traps and lots of baby ones coming up. Really excited having them. Think im addicted, I will be buying more for myself and friends. Cannot wait to see it catch a fly. Would add photos but do not know how.

  12. Gary Miller

    Delighted with my plant that arrived quickly and in excellent health. The plants traps opened the next day and ws extremely well packaged, thankyou

  13. Tamlyn

    We wanted a Venus Fly trap for our son, but have struggled to find one. Having looked online, there were cheap options but as I was concerned at the potential quality I avoided these. I then found the website for little shop of horrors. Being in Devon, and having read the ‘about us’ and reviews I ordered the standard VFT and gone large SW variety. The plants came very quickly – ordered Saturday, arrived Tuesday. The packaging was excellent, with the plants being perfect when I took them out. There are plenty of heads on both plants, and look very healthy.

    I am so glad I paid a couple of pounds extra to have plants and customer service of real quality. I hope my son has Great
    pleasure in looking after his ‘prehistoric’ plants.

  14. Robbie

    Great next day delivery. Great packaging, plant in excellent condition on arrival. A great plant for beginners, to be recommended. Everything great!

  15. Roman (verified owner)

    Basic Venus Fly Trap. It’s nice, grow quick, traps turn to black NOT at all!! Good for beginner.

  16. mic (verified owner)

    impressed with the next day delivery even more so with my venus fly trap. very well packaged with no damage to my plant. plenty of large green/red traps plus umpteen new and small ones which are very impressive. this is my 1st venus fly trap and am sure it wont be my last. you get what yoy pay for and that`s quality. now i carnt wait for these peskie flys that are darting round my house to investigate these juicy traps cause they will be no longer !! would recommend this venus fly trap..

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