Venus Flytrap ‘Scarlet Bristle’


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A distinctive cultivar of Venus Flytrap found by Richard Keen whilst propagating typical Venus Flytraps in his tissue cultire lab in Canada. The name Scarlet Bristle comes from the short, finely cut teeth very different from the typical Shark Tooth or Dentate form and also very distinct from Red Piranha. It has good overall red colouration and the traps are held on short petioles close to the ground.

1 review for Venus Flytrap ‘Scarlet Bristle’

  1. Nicola

    I’m thrilled with my first purchase! The Scarlet Bristle I received had 5 well-established traps and perhaps as many as 9 tiny fledglings (maybe more – it’s hard to count them!) all nestled in a lovely covering of live moss. The colour of the VFT is a beautiful deep red, like a Red Delicious apple. My garden enjoys excellent warmth and sunshine in the summer but can be breezy, so I’m glad I chose a low-slung plant.

    I couldn’t be happier! 🙂

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