Venus Flytrap ‘Dentate’


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The Dentate Venus Flytrap was collected in the wild back in the seventies. The teeth are short, broad and tooth like. Dentate and Sharks Tooth look very similar and it is possible that they are the same plant. Its a good plants with the traps held attractivley above the plant. Good colouration inside the trap.

2 reviews for Venus Flytrap ‘Dentate’

  1. Sean Murray

    Very happy with my order. Beautiful, healthy plant in perfect condition, the pot its in even has a lovely covering of live moss too. Having only ever bought VFT from garden centres before, I am amazing in the difference in quality.

    My particular individual "Dentate" VFT has lovely red colouring on its traps, more-so than in the pic!

    Will hopefully make another order to expand my collection soon!

  2. Roman

    This is very beautiful plant!! I’m so happy. It’s like a model of all Venus Flytrap. It doesn’t grow fast, doesn’t have many traps like others plants have, but the beauty worth it.

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