Elho Light Garden – Leaf Green 26 cm.


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The ‘Light Garden’ is designed to simplify year-round growth. This intelligent grow station incorporates a specially crafted coloured light bulb by bulbo®, ensuring optimal development from seed to blossom.

The grow light operates on an automatic day/night cycle, providing your carnivorous plants with a natural growth environment. Whether you’re nurturing plants or seeds, this feature allows your plants to flourish authentically.

Size: 39(W)x27(D)x48(H).

Available colour:

  • Green


  • Made from recycled plastic and with wind energy
  • LED light
  • Day and night cycle
  • 465 lumen

Disclaimer: Carnivorous plants like venus flytraps, trumpet pitchers, sundews and heliamphora need as much light as possible, so a glasshouse or conservatory is the best way to keep them. Should you have not much light inside your house and you would like to keep carnivorous plants, this LED grow light is a nice option to grow them inside.


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