Elho Carnivorous Plant Light Care – 47 cm.


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Maintaining healthy carnivorous plants can be challenging in a dimly lit home, especially in urban environments where natural light may be limited. This Plant Light Care plant light ensures the well-being and prosperity of your cherished plants.

The Plant Light Care features a carefully selected range of frequencies, intelligently tailored to meet the specific needs of your insect-eating companions. With this innovative lighting solution, your carnivorous plants will receive the ideal light spectrum they crave.

Complete with a stylish wooden lamp stand, discreet cord, and effortless assembly.

Size: 25(W)x44(D)x47(H).

Available colour:

  • Grey


  • Made from recycled plastic and with wind energy
  • LED light and consumes no more than 10W


  • Nepenthes Collection
  • Pots

Disclaimer: Carnivorous plants like venus flytraps, trumpet pitchers, sundews and heliamphora need as much light as possible, so a glasshouse or conservatory is the best way to keep them. Should you have not much light inside your house and you would like to keep carnivorous plants despite this, the indoor LED grow light is a nice option to grow them. The light intensity of our indoor light selection is best suitable for Nepenthes, Cephalotus, Pinguicula and some Droseras.


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