Elho Pot Vibes Fold Silky White


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These petite pots are incredibly versatile and can fit seamlessly into any space you desire. Whether it’s a small shelf, a windowsill, or a cosy corner, the mini Vibes Fold Flower Pots are designed to bring Carnivorous Plants into even the tiniest nooks.

Creating a carnivorous oasis is a breeze with our collection of Vibes Fold Flower Pots, which are available in various sizes and colours. Mix and match different sizes and hues to curate a visually stunning display that complements your unique style and enhances the tranquillity of any space.

The Vibes Fold Flower Pots are crafted with the highest quality and durability. They are made from recycled plastic. Additionally, they are created using wind energy, minimizing their carbon footprint. Even when it’s time for a change, you can recycle the Vibes Fold Flower Pots without any guilt, as they are fully recyclable.

Available sizes:

  • 9 cm.
  • 11 cm.
  • 14 cm.


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