Cobra Lily – Darlingtonia californica


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Sent potted. Found in the Oregon and Northern California, often in mountainous areas, the Cobra Lily is one of the most spectacular pitfall traps, with the appearance of a striking cobra. Pitchers grow up to 90 cm tall.  The maroon and green flowers look a little like a Snakes Head Fritillary. A vigorous plant that will soon colonise large containers with it’s quick growing rhizome, new plants sprouting out the edge of the pot. Hardy down to -13 degrees C (at our nursery). Grow in dappled shade and avoid midday sun. Try to keep the roots cool. We keep in water trays with the Sarracenias and always use rainwater.

16 reviews for Cobra Lily – Darlingtonia californica

  1. John Fulton (verified owner)

    Stunning plant of a good size which arrived quickly and safely which isn’t surprising as great care had obviously been taken with the packaging. Highly recommended!

  2. Lisle (verified owner)

    This is the first time I’ve ordered from here…can I say I was very impressed with the packaging, both plants I ordered were well wrapped and in very good condition/health I look forward to watching them grow and flourish I deffo will be ordering from here agin…V.Happy customer ☺️

  3. Mat Gamlin

    Beautiful plant, just had my second and it has three flowers, thanks very much

  4. Chiara Scartezzini

    Such a beautiful plant, we are so excited to have it with us. It came perfectly packed and delivered super fast.
    Can’t say enough good things about the customer service: they’re so professional and helpful, helped me choosing the right paints and I’m so grateful! Will surely buy more plants from this company.

  5. David b

    I ordered one of these for my collection……delivery was very quick……arrived well packed…….really impressed……well done

  6. Dutman

    Super fast delivery, well packaged….. An absolutely stunning specimen, can’t wait to see this beauty grow…..excellent service thank you

  7. Ali T

    I ordered one of these earlier this week and it arrived today, thank you for such quick delivery! It looks lovely and I am super excited to add this species to my collection and try my hand with it, thank you!

  8. Holly

    I bought the smallest size in summer 2018 and planted it in a customer zeer pot. (pot within a pot of sand which keeps roots cool) and planted it in full sun with the roots hidden under other plants. Its doubled in size and throwing out so many new pitchers.
    I left it outside the whole year over winter and its even had 3 inches of snow on it and its still going very strong.
    Love this plant

  9. Kane

    Beautiful plant, came perfectly packed and fast!
    I may (will) have to continue shopping with these guys for all my plant goodness!

  10. Rache

    I have had one of these for over 5yrs and water its tray everyday so the plant is living in a boggy soil. I t has grown massive and has now produced what I think is a flower pod head but i am unsure weather to remove it or not.

  11. Ria Nolan

    A lovely plant and beautifully wrapped. I will buy my plants from no where else now.
    If you are in doubt I suggest you go for it you will not be disappointed.

  12. Incredible value

    The plant was in great condition and was very healthy and excellent value

  13. Paula

    Just received my plants today and the condition of all of them are great but the cobra lily was the main thing I wanted and it doesn’t disappoint,I have bought them from shows in the past and they haven’t been as beautiful as this one is and packaged really carefully!

  14. AL Taylor

    Another beautiful plant from shop of horrors. Best value for a cobra lily of this maturity. Brilliant packaging, delivery and service.

  15. g worley

    what an amazing plant! thankyou for this beauty. it will take pride mof place in my collection. a cracking good bargain at the price, i am delighted.

  16. LJT

    WOW! this plant is a real stunner, a very healthy specimen, prompt delivery, excellent packaging, informative care sheet,I have not seen this plant for sale any where else but I feel I paid a very reasonable price for it, beware, the little horrors in this shop could become addictive!

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