Sarracenia flava var maxima (veinless)


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If you want a bright, sculptural display this is a stunning plant. It has no red colouration in the trap, throat, or the hood, and is an amazing lime green colour (though it is not completely free of red, as the base of the traps have some colour). It is a lovely specimen plant. The plant if grown in good light will be almost yellow in colour and it produces huge flowers. A very good contrast to the red and heavy veined flavas. Traps reach up to 90cm in height, with a large mouth. Vigorous and hardy.

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3 reviews for Sarracenia flava var maxima (veinless)

  1. jack

    bought two of these plants and they arrived in excellent condition!! large pitchers and one with a beautiful flower on it! will definitely be buying from you guys again

  2. Chris Eley

    Received my first order of B52 venus fly trap and was pleased to see that the plant was well packaged, had a protective plastic top and was well watered and dripping with water upon opening. A great product in excellent condition. Highly recommend purchasing from LSOH. Many thanks indeed. 5 stars!

  3. Sam

    A nice clump with lots of fresh growth, well packed and quick delivery. The flower stems are a bit wonky and one has been damaged but the plant looks good.

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