Utricularia livida (South Africa and Mexico)


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Easy to grow terrestrial bladderwort soon filling its pot. Utricularia livida produces many pretty pale blue and white flowers throughout the year especially in the warmer months. A beautiful plant for the terrarium or windowsill. Min. temp 2C Likes a sunny position. Stand pot in 3-7cm rainwater, with occasional flooding. Keep frost free, and damp in winter. Compost:3:1peat:sand

3 reviews for Utricularia livida (South Africa and Mexico)

  1. Robbie

    Very happy with this purchase. Arrived in great condition. Although there are a few young Sundew growing with it both the Utricularia and the Sundew are now flowering within two months of purchase so I’m very happy.

  2. Harry Blackwell

    Plant arrived well packaged and healthy. This is the first bladderwort I’ve tried to grow and very happy with the plant that was delivered. Thank you!

  3. Sean Murray

    Very happy with the pot of U.livida I received, this is my first terrestrial Utricularia, so I thought I’d start with an easy species. Hopefully I’ll see some flowers soon, in the mean time I’m enjoying the few tiny freebie Drosera which came in the pot, many thanks!

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