Utricularia bisquamata ‘Betty’s Bay’


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Splendid flowers of violet, orange, white or yellow, on hair- like flower stalks. Soon covers soil surface with tiny delicate leaves. The flowers look very much like the toadflax found on walls in the summer. One of the most free flowering of all the Utricularia, having a flower during most months. This form of the species comes from New Zealand and is much bigger with richer colour than the species. Grow in sunny position. Stand in 2-5cm rainwater. Doesn’t mind occasional flooding. Very pretty in undrained bowls – will fill any size. A fabulous windowsill plant. Tolerates a light frost.

4 reviews for Utricularia bisquamata ‘Betty’s Bay’

  1. Kar

    This is the second bladderwort within my collection of 13 years and counting (the rest are Sarracenias, Drosera’s, Dionaea Muscipulas and Darlingtonia Californica’s.)
    The plant is very healthy with quite a few flowers on even in December.
    Yes. Utricularia’s are worth adding to you collection just don’t leave it as long as i have before doing so as the flowers they produce are truly magnificent even though they are so small

  2. Dr. Shrimp Portorico

    I ordered these along with the starter set. They arrived in perfect condition, packaged perfectly, in great condition looking beautiful. The care guide is really helpful and I’m really happy with my order.

  3. Stu

    Well packaged excellent healthy plant

  4. Bou

    Lovely batch of Bettys Bay, they came through the post the next day from when I was notified they were shipped, which surprised me a lot! The colours of the flowers are great and there were no damage to the flowers and pot. Received a care guide as well which was attached to the package.

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