Introduction New Owners

Let’s start with the story of the journey we had…

We are Simon and Marit and we are born and raised in The Netherlands. For years Simon had a company in real estate and Marit had a company in the hardware garden industry. After our daughter Charly was born in 2017, we turned our lives completely. We chose to sell our companies in The Netherlands and planned a travel with our motorhome, starting in Kent, England. We’ve been travelling throughout the United Kingdom for 2,5 months and every day we fell more in love with this beautiful country.

In January 2020 we made one of the biggest choices in our lives and emigrated to the United Kingdom. From that point onwards we started a new life here in Devon. 

Simon Hamming

Marit Bakker

We took over South West Carnivorous Plants in 2021

Marit’s passion for plants and the shared passion of Simon and Marit for revitalising an existing company into a sustainable company for the future, is the reason we chose to buy the South West Carnivorous Plants nursery. 

We felt quite lucky to find this specialist nursery ‘South West Carnivorous Plants’, a 30-year established and RHS Chelsea and Malvern Flower Show Gold Medal winning nursery in growing quality Venus Flytraps, Trumpet Pitchers, Sundews and some other carnivorous plants species.

The nursery will be relocated to Sidmouth in Devon as soon as possible and we just received planning permission to build some polytunnels on a woodland grassfield in Colaton Raleigh. We hope to expand the nursery in the near future, because we discovered the demand is higher than we can supply at the moment. 

We wish former owners Alistair and Jenny Pearce all the best and we hope they will enjoy their well deserved retirement.

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