How to keep Carnivorous Plants in a Terrarium

A terrarium is a great way to grow and display carnivorous plants. They maintain humidity and the carnivorous plants help you eliminate insects and pests naturally. Carnivorous plants are native to swamps and live in constantly humid conditions.

How to grow Carnivorous Plants in a Terrarium?

To keep carnivorous plants healthy in a terrarium, it is important to mimic their habitat as closely as possible. Keep the soil moist or at least moist at all times. Use mineral-free water, such as rainwater, distilled water or reverse osmosis water. We discourage to use tap water, as this will build up minerals and damages your plants in the long run.

Generally, it is best to provide the plants with as much light as possible. However, avoid direct sunlight entering the terrarium. This could overheat the terrarium and burn the plants. Therefore, place the carnivorous plants terrarium where it gets bright, indirect light or with a screen for terrarium plants.

Follow these 9 simple steps to create a stunning terrarium:

Step 1 
Start with putting a 1-2 cm. layer of the grit provided in your vase or bowl and tap it.
Step 2
Put some dried sphaghnum moss on top of the grit, also a layer of 1-2 cm.
Step 3
Add the special carnivorous plant compost on top of the dried sphagnum and tap it lightly.
Step 4
Now you can add your plant(s) by making (a) small hole(s) in the compost. Take off remaining compost from the plant, but be gentle with the roots.
Step 5
Add some pine bark (this is only provided with Nepenthes and Cephalotus).
Step 6
Water with rainwater or distilled water and place the terrarium in a bright position, but not in direct sun.
Step 7
If you have bought a dome, then remove it for a while from time to time to keep the plants ventilated and to give the carnivorous plants the ability to catch insects.
Step 8
To make sure your carnivorous plants have enough food, you can hand feed them with live or dried insects.
Step 9
Re-pot as soon as plants are growing too big for the terrarium. Always use special carnivorous plant compost.
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