Sarracenia x excellens Giant form


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(leucophylla x minor) A very pretty hybrid and this form is quite tall and impressive. Traps up to 1m. Wavy edged green pitchers are delicately coloured with white and red. It has the bright leucophylla colouration with the white windows of minor. Red flowers are slightly scented Recommended. Sunny position. Stand in 2-5cm rainwater. Allow to die down in winter and cut off brown parts of trap. Keep damp but don’t stand in too much water. Keep sheltered, but no heat needed over winter. Compost: 6:2:1peat:perlite:sand

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2 reviews for Sarracenia x excellens Giant form

  1. Hugo

    wonderful plant with super colourful traps highly recommend

  2. Ian

    Lovely colours on this plant in full sunlight with an awesome large red flower too, well packaged which does not harm plants, well done

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