Mixed Carnivorous Plant Seed Kit for Children XL


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A boxed Carnivorous Plants seed kit containing 3 pots, 3 plastic domes, special carnivorous plant compost, 3 plant labels and 3 packets of approximately 10 seeds of Venus Flytrap, 10 Trumpet Pitcher seeds and approximately 10 to 30 Sundew seeds (scratch the seedhead gently to transfer the tiny dustlike seeds into the pot). Sow seeds separately in the 3 pots and keep wet at all times. The Sundew will come up first. Ideal for children who have less patience!

The Mixed Carnivorous Plant Seed Kit for Children contains:

  • 3x pots
  • 3x domes
  • 3x plant labels made of wood
  • 1x carnivorous plant compost bag
  • 1x sachet Venus Flytrap seeds
  • 1x sachet Trumpet Pitcher seeds
  • 1x sachet Drosera seeds
  • Comprehensive instructions

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