500g Supersphag Blocks

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  • 500g Supersphag Blocks

Supersphag is a product from New Zealand made from cleaned, chopped, dried and compressed spagnum moss.
It is compressed into small blocks that when reconstituted make a light, fluffy moss - a perfect acidic medium either alone or as an ingredient for carnivorous plants and orchids.
It is weed seed free and the compression doesnt affect the structure of the moss. Being chopped it makes potting and repotting quick and easy, allowing the moss to settle around the roots.
We have used Supersphag on its own to pot Cephalotus, Sundews, Butterworts and some Bladderworts with excellent results. We also use it in our Nepenthes (Monkey Cup) mix. Cobra Lily (Darlingtonia) would also do well in this compost as it grows well in sphagnum moss.
It is also ideal as an ingredient in the potting mix, helping create a light open mix with excellent water retaining properties.
If you are an orchid grower this is well worth trying and is very popular with orchid growers in the US. For Disa and other moisture loving orchids mix with equal quantites of perlite.
Supersphag is sold by weight - the blocks are small so it is easy to send small quantities. If kept dry it will keep for years.
As a guide 1.5 litres of water added to 100g of Supersphag block makes over 4 litres of compost making it a very cost effective compost. It is available in 100g, 500g, 1kg, 5kg, 10kg
Supersphag is a good alternative to using peat, or reducing the peat content of your compost.

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