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How to divide and repot your Venus Flytrap Dionea muscipula

A short demonstation of how to divide and repot the Venus Flytrap by Alistair Pearce of Southwest Carnivorous Plants


Potting Sarracenias (North American Trumpet Pitchers)

A guide on how to pot your plants if you have divided them. Also applies to just putting plants in a larger pot. See how we do it on our nursery at South West Carnivorous Plants

How to divide a Sarracenia (North American Trumpet Pitcher Plant)

A simple guide from the Little Shop of Horrors nursery on dividing your plants. Alistair from South West Carnivorous Plants shows how he propagates his plants.

insect killer sundew timelapse

Drosera capensis enveloping a small fly

 Midge on Drosera capensis (Sundew)

Time lapse of a Drosera Capensis ,a type of carnivorous plant , trapping a midge with its mobile tenticles and rolling leaf.The filming is by Tim Shepherd ,who filmed the time lapse carnivorous plant footage for the B.B.C program LIFE. Plant supplied by Southwest Carnivorous Plants