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Crowdfunding Project ‘Expansion’

Why we launched a Crowdfunder

Since we took over South West Carnivorous Plants in 2021, we learned that to be able to provide our customers with the plants and seeds they love, we need to expand the space of our nursery. 

The current location of the nursery has about 300 m2 of greenhouses for growing plants and harvesting seeds, however the maximum capacity for growing more plants has been reached for years and that is why we cannot fully supply the current demand and add more varieties. 

Our current glasshouses

Investment needed

We will relocate our nursery to Sidmouth, Devon and install the polytunnels on a 1 acre field surrounded by woodlands and cattle, so our plants will be provided with enough insects. We see lots of opportunities to grow more exclusive species and larger numbers to meet the increasing demand. Also this 1 acre field gives us sufficient opportunity for future expansion.

We will expand the nursery to approximately 600 m2, and buy and install 2 large polytunnels of 250 m2 each and a smaller one of 100 m2, second hand nursery tables, rainwater reservoirs. Unfortunately we can not move the glasshouses they are in right now, because they have had their best time and moving them will destroy them.

How you can support us

Obviously we are quite excited about our new venture and would love to be able to not only provide in the demand of our passionate customers, but also to be able to conserve these amazing exotic plants.

You can support us by donating an amount of your choice to our project and to thank you for your donation, we offer some stunning rewards

£20 (or more) Reward

A ‘Grow Your Own Carnivorous Plant’ Seedkit containing 20 mixed seeds of Venus Flytraps and Sarracenias collected from our latest harvest, special Carnivorous Plant compost and a pot with lid + 1 standard sized Venus Flytrap.

£40 (or more) Reward

Collection of 3 beautiful Devon grown Sarracenias standard size to start your own carnivorous plants display. 

£250 (or more) Reward

Looking for an extraordinary experience with Family or Friends? Book our Workshop for 4 persons to learn about growing, propagating and caring for Carnivorous Plants + £ 100,- voucher + Delicious Devon Cream Tea for 4. 

£500 (or more) Reward

Explore our Nursery by booking a guided visit for 2 persons + 150,- voucher + Delicious Devon Cream Tea + 1 night in Bed & Breakfast in Sidmouth area (2 persons per room) to explore the outstanding beauty of the East-Devon countryside.


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