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Guide to Water for Carnivorous Plants

Why rainwater? Carnivorous plants naturally grow in poor acidic conditions and they are very sensitive to the water they grow in. Hard water, or water containing a large quantity of dissolved salts and minerals such s magnesium and calcium does them no good at all. As they are standing in the water the concentrations can […]

Growing Carnivorous Plants outside

Carnivorous plants are found all over the world in many different climates, and some will grow very well outside in the UK. If you just want to keep them outside in the summer, or can give a little protection with a cloche or cold frame, then most Trumpet Pitchers, Venus Flytraps and many Sundews will […]

Pests & Diseases

Carnivorous Plants may eat insects, but there are still a few that can get their own back! There are biological and organic controls that can be used, but it is alright to use any spray recommended for plant use. Just follow the instructions, and only spray in early morning or the evening. Aphids (Greenfly)Can do […]

Over wintering Venus Flytraps

With the onset of autumn the Venus Flytrap will start the process of entering dormancy.Think of dormancy as a rest or sleep where the growth of the plant will slow and eventually stop. For the long term health of the plant a period of dormancy is essential to reset biological processes and conserve stored energy […]

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