The Bladderworts or Utricularia are the largest group of carnivorous plants. The traps, whilst being probably the most interesting, are tiny, underground (or underwater) bladders and you need a microscope to see them work. The bladders are a vacuum and when the prey (tiny micro organisms) touches a trigger hair the traps door flies open and the bladder sucks in the prey, ejects the water and resets itself! All within a fraction of a second and invisible to the naked eye.
However, the flowers are fantastic and it is worth growing them for the flowers alone. Most are extremely easy to grow with a network of roots and bladders that colonise the soil. They mostly like a bright windowsill but some of the tropical species with the biggest flowers and most impressive leave need it a little shadier and grow well with Monkey Cups and Mexican butterworts. Some are in flower almost all year. For specific instructions see the care guide or the individual plants.

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